Hibiscus syriacus

Plant Description
Althea, also known as marshmallow plant or Rose of Sharon, is an erect, deciduous shrub and produces vibrant, cup-shaped flowers in summer and fall. Althea can be used as a large shrub or smaller ornamental tree, usually growing full to the ground. Althea shrub can get 8-12 feet tall and have a spread of 4-10 feet. This plant flowers in late summer and is covered in blooms till fall. Flower colors include red, pink, white, cream, purple, blue and lavender depending on the variety. Most bear simple, small, light-green leaves which are rhomboid, ovate in shape. For best bloom, Althea prefers full sun and well-drained soil. They are susceptible to fungal damage if not grown in full sun. 

Plant Details
Pros: Attractive flowers
Cons: Deciduous, susceptible to fungus
Size: 4-6' width, 6-10' height
Light: Sun
Bloom Color: White, pink, purple, red, blue
Fall Color: None
Water Needs: Normal
Similar Plants: Hibiscus, Amur Maple

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