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Plant Description
Azaleas are a popular shrubs which bloom vibrantly in spring in a wide range of colors. They can range in height from dwarf varieties of 18-24" in height up to the full size varieties that can grow up to 6-8' in height.

Azaleas blooms beautifully in white, lavender, bright pink, salmon, red and purple colors. They require a well-drained and acidic soils. In poorly drained areas they should be placed in raised beds. They require shade or filtered shade and protection from direct sun. Azaleas can also be planted beautifully in containers. Generally, Azaleas are free of pests and disease but some common azalea disease and problems do exist. Proper azalea care will ensure plenty of stunning blooms for many springs to come.

The Encore Azalea is a very popular collection of Azaleas that do take a bit more sun and has repeating blooms in both spring and fall. Azaleas are a great shrub and can be found throughout the Park Cities in the spring and at the Margaret Elisabeth Jonsson Color Garden at the Dallas Arboretum. A great shrub and certainly will add color to any garden, but probably going to be planted less in Dallas due to the large amount of water it requires. 

Plant Details
Pros: Ornamental shrub, bright blooms in many colors, evergreen
Cons: Woody stems, require acidic soils
Size: 2-8' height, 3-8' spread
Light: Shade, Filtered Shade
Bloom Color: White, Pink, Red, Coral, Salmon, Purple, Lavender
Fall Color: Bronze
Water Needs: Normal-High
Similar Plants: Gardenia, Camellia

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