Bambusa spp.

Plant Description
Bamboo is an evergreen plant of the grass family with a cane like texture and in a clumping form that is often used in modern and Japanese gardens. There are about 1000 species of bamboo available and is used in in the manufacturing of many different items such as building materials to weapons. Bamboo is a popular garden plant that can be used as a specimen or even a screen hedge, but care needs to be taken in planting and cultivation because of their invasive root behavior. If not planted within a contained structure, it can allow the roots to spread throughout your garden or lawn. A concrete border or root barrier is often recommended by Landscape Architects to separate and contain the plant. 

Even though bamboo belongs to grass family, many of the larger bamboos looks like tree and sometimes they are called as “bamboo trees”. The body of the bamboo plant is hollow and has vascular bundles in the cross sections. Because of the structure, this plant is very light-weight but very strong. Bamboo can range in heights between 3-30' in height and the spread can be unlimited when not contained. A dwarf variety is also available. Bamboo grows best in partial shade.

Plant Details
Pros: Screen hedge, nice texture, evergreen
Cons: Woody stems, varied color, aggressive root spreading
Size: 2-5' height, 3-4' spread
Light: Sun-Part Sun
Bloom Color: None
Fall Color: None
Water Needs: Low-Normal
Similar Plants: Horsetail Reed, Bamboo Muhly

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