Berberis thunbergii

Plant Description
Red Barberry also known as Desert Barberry or Red Oregon-grape is an exotic, thick deciduous shrub that is native to Japan. Red Barberry has deep, grooved and brown spine like branches. The leaves of this plant are small, rounded and untoothed, arranged in clusters above single spines. They generally appear early in spring. The colors of the leaves are purple or red with deep maroon-purple foliage that becomes even more intense during fall.

Red Barberry has yellow flowers and produces bright red, egg-shaped small berries either single or in clusters that stay on the shrub till winter. There are numerous species of Barberry with 'Rose Glow' and 'Crimson Pygmy' are popular varieties along with a couple newer varieties such as 'Cherry Bomb', 'Golden Ruby''Orange Rocket'. This plant is perfect for edging as a small hedge or can be used in containers. Red Barberry exhibits a high ornamental value. This species can tolerate a range of varying site and soil conditions but grow well if planted in sunny, fertile, moist and well drained areas. 

Plant Details
Pros: Evergreen, red color range, barrier plant
Cons: Thorns, woody branching
Size: 2-5' height, 2-3' spread
Light: Sun
Bloom Color: Red berries
Fall Color: None
Water Needs: Low-Normal
Similar Plants: Nandina

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