Aspidistra eliator

Plant Description
Aspidistra or commonly know as Cast Iron Plant is a broad leafed, evergreen shrub that grows in clmps and prefers dark shade. The Cast Iron Plants have leaves which mostly emerge from the soil typically without a stem. It has simple looking leaves which are oblong shaped and have parallel venation. The leave size is 18-24 inches and has variegated leaf color and is very popular for its evergreen foliage.

The cast iron pants have an evergreen, leathery textured, glossy dark green and lance-shaped leaves. The plants have brownish flowers which are borne on the soil level in early summer. There are many characteristics related to the Cast Iron Plant, it has an evergreen foliage and clump-forming. The plant either grows in full shady areas or partial shade areas and had a size of 24-30" with an equal spread. It receives its name, "Cast Iron Plant" because of its ability to survive under harsh climatic conditions.

Plant Details
Pros: Evergreen, shade tolerant, durable for harsh conditions
Cons: Can have brown leaves, leaf can edges get shaggy
Size: 24-30" height, 24" spread
Light: Shade- Partial Shade
Bloom Color: None
Fall Color: None
Water Needs: Low-Normal
Similar Plants: Hosta, Aralia, Aucuba

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