Prunus x yedoensis

Plant Description

Prunus x yedoensis is commonly known as a Cherry tree that is native to Japan. A graceful tree that is most well known for its dramatic and dense spring blooms that can be found in a variety of colors including white, pale pink, yellow and a bright pink. This is also considered as a very beautiful flowering cherry in various areas of the country, but probably most recognized for the grove planted along the tidal basin near the Jefferson memorial in Washington, DC. Check the dates for the Cherry Festival in Washington if you are traveling near DC in the spring, as it is true show stopper. The Dallas Arboretum also has a nice grove planted that are well worth a visit during spring.

This is a deciduous, fast growing tree which can grow up to 20-40 feet in height with a nice crown spread, but can be a bit short lived. It has a bark which is beautifully marked with lenticels. The tree has upright-spreading branches and because of this it is best suitable for planting over patios. The leaves generally brighten during fall to produce fall color ranging from orange to red. The flowers are lightly almond scented.

Plant Details

  • Pros: Nice shape, beautiful spring blooms
  • Cons: Rather bland after spring, can occasionally lean
  • Deciduous
  • Size: 20-30' ht, 15-20' spread
  • Light: Sun
  • Bloom Color: White, pale pink, bright pink, yellow
  • Fall Color: Orange, red, gold
  • Water Needs: Normal
  • Similar Plants: Crabapple, Dogwood, Crape Myrtle

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