Cornus florida

Plant Description

Dogwoods are a smaller scale, understory ornamental tree with distinctive spring blooms. Their height can reach from 15-35 feet and usually perform best when placed beneath a larger shade tree or beside a home where it can get protection from extended, direct sun.   They are considered as among the most beautiful of all ornamental trees found in America and are often seen in the spring along side blooming Azalea shrubs. 

Dogwoods can be seen with blooms of white, pink or red bracts centered with small clusters of yellow flowers during the spring times, and in the summer, they are often seen flaunting their green leaves. The foliage is deep red in the autumn and in winter the Dogwood sheds all its leaves and bears its seeds called “drupes”.

Dogwoods make excellent specimens for gardens and lawns due to their compact size, beautiful spring flowers. 

Plant Details:

  • Pros: Spring blooms, graceful shape, understory
  • Cons: Moisture deficiency and temperature extremes can weaken dogwoods.
  • Deciduous
  • Size: 15-35
  • Light: Partial Shade/Sun
  • Bloom Color: White or Pink
  • Fall Color: Red

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