Ilex vomitoria 'Nana'

Plant Description
Dwarf Yaupon Holly is an a compact, evergreen shrub that grows in a dense, rounded form, wood branching and small, rounded leaves. It is a very durable shrub that grows well in sun or shade and is often used in groupings or as a low hedge, border or massing. The shrub responds well to sheering and is often used in globe or topiary forms. Dwarf Yaupon Holly grows to a size of 24-36" high with a similar spread.

There are several newer varieties on the market such as 'Stoke's Dwarf' (lower growing and spreading form) and 'Bordeaux' (featuring leaves that turn burgundy red in the winter season). Although it doesn't have noticeable blooms, Dwarf Yaupon Holly is a reliable and solid shrub to consider mixing into your garden design.

Plant Details
Pros: Evergreen, durable, rounded leaves, shears well
Cons: Not particularly showy, no blooms
Size: 24-36" high, 24-36" wide
Light: Sun or Shade
Bloom Color: None
Fall Color: None except for 'Bordeaux' variety
Water Needs: Low-Normal
Similar Plants: Boxwood, Privet, Dwarf Wax Myrtle

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