Elaeagnus macrophylla

Plant Description
Evergreen shrub with wood stems and noticeable gray-green leaf texture. Elaeagnus is a durable shrub for Dallas gardens that is most often used as a backdrop, foundation plant or a hedge. It grows to a height and widtt of around 6-8' and has leggy shoots of foliage when not clipped. Its leaves have a distinct gray-green color with a sandpaper like texture. It is a tough plant that can handle a variety of different soil types and light conditions. It also performs well when trained and used as a vine and espalier against a fence or wall, but will need a trellis. Elaeagnus does have an edible fruit and is a good drought tolerant solution.

Plant Details
Pros: Durable, evergreen, foliage contrast, texture
Cons: Not showy, requires some pruning
Size: 6' wide x 6' high
Light: Sun or Shade
Bloom Color: None
Fall Color: None
Water Needs: Low-Normal
Similar Plants: Not many

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