Pinus eldarica

Plant Description

Eldarica Pine is an attractive, large scale pine tree that can tolerate heat and drought conditions. It can be a good windbreak for hard climates. It possesses branches which are strong with soft needles which forms an open canopy. The needles are paired; green in color and of 5-6.5 inches in length.

The tree grows very fast when it is young. This plant has a height of 30-40 ft’ and has a spread of 25-30 ft’. It is most commonly found in Texas.

Unique feature of this tree amongst all the pines is it grows upright throughout its lifetime. It can be grown on marginal soil and because of its unique and fresh fragrance it can be used as Christmas trees.

It forms reddish-brown cones which are oval to oblong in shape and of length 3 inches. It usually grows in a pyramidal form or in an upright manner. In an open lawn this tree can be used as a specimen and thus planted in groups and can also be used as fine-textured screen.

Plant Details
Pros: Good windbreak, drought tolerant, nice texture
Cons: Can be prone to root tor disease.
Size: 25-30' spread, 40-40' ht.
Light: Full sun-light shade
Bloom Color: None
Fall Color: None
Water Needs: Low
Similar Plants: Slash Pine, Austrian Pine, Japanese Black Pine, PInyon Pine


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