Cyrtomium falcatum

Plant Description
Holly Fern, also called Japanese Holly Fern, is an evergreen fern with deep green color that grows in sprawling clumps. It grows best in filtered shade to full shade as it burns easily with direct sunlight. Like most ferns it prefers an understory environment and can provide a nice texture for the garden. Holly fern grows about 24" in height and 24" wide and it is preferred by landscape designers because it is an evergreen fern that does not die back like other ferns.  

Plant Details
Pros: Evergreen, nice leaf texture, shade tolerant
Cons: Can get sunburn, damage in deep freezes
Size: 2' wide x 2' high
Light: Filtered Shade/Shade
Bloom Color: None
Fall Color: None
Water Needs: Normal
Similar Plants: Wood Fern, Autumn Fern, Cast Iron Plant

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