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Equisetum hyemale

Plant Description
This distinctive reed-like plan is known for it's vertical, tightly spaced stalks. It is a spreading plan so it is often planted in masses and performs best when placed in a container or had edging to prevent spreading. Looks best when clipped at an even height. Horestail Reed is a fast growing plant and does well in wet soil conditions near water features, creeks and ponds. Often a favorite plant used in modern garden design due to it's architectural structure. Does need some pruning to clip the tops and remove dead or fallen reeds. Good uses would include accent plants and water gardens. 

Plant Details
Pros: Striking, vertical, reed-like texture
Cons: Can spread if not contained, needs clipping of tops
Size: 24" wide x 36" tall, spreading
Light: Sun
Bloom Color: None
Fall Color: None
Water Needs: Normal-High
Similar Plants: Bamboo

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