Rhapiolepsis indicia

Plant Description
Evergreen, mounded form shrub with lustrous leaves that produces clusters of small flowers in springtime. The flowers are fragrant and are either pink or white. There are several varieties of this shrub available which provides multiple size options ranging from a dwarf varieties from 2-3' tall up to full size varieties that can grow up over six feet tall in maturity. Several notable varieties for the Dallas area are 'Clara' (white flowers), 'Bay Breeze' (pink flowers), 'Enchantress' (pink flowers) and 'Spring Rapture' (dark pink flowers'. 

Indian hawthorn is a much used plant so it often gets overlooked for more showy options, but it is a good, solid plant to consider for your garden for an evergreen massing and seasonal color interest. The plant can suffer from leaf fungus and fireblight but there are also newer versions offered that are a bit more durable and drought tolerant like the 'Ballerina' variety.

Plant Details
Pros: Evergreen, foundation planting, borders and spring color
Cons: Some disease concerns
Size: 3-5' high, 3-5' wide
Light: Sun & Light Shade
Bloom Color: Pink, White
Fall Color: None
Water Needs: Low-Normal
Similar Plants: Pittorsporum

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