Ulmus parvifolia

Plant Description

Lacebark Elm is an attractive, fast-growing tree that performs well in the Dallas area. Often referred to as a Chinese elm, is a native of China and is mostly cultivated all over across USA. This is a medium sized deciduous tree with long arched branches and has a round graceful canopy. Most notably identified by its striking and attractive exfoliating bark which giveS it it's name.

This tree has a height of 30–60 feet and has a spread of 50-70 feet. It bears small green toothed leaves which are leathery and lustrous. The most unique quality of this tree is its ability to tolerate the harshest of growing conditions and it can grow well in various types of soil. This tree can be used in specimen form as well as in a linear planting or along boulevards.

The most significant difference between Lacebark Elm and Cedar Elm is the former is very resistant to Dutch elm disease whereas the latter is susceptible to Dutch elm disease. Leaves of Lacebark Elm are slightly larger than a Cedar Elm, but they both produce and attractive golden yellow fall color.

Plant Details

  • Pros: Fast growing, drought tolerant, disease resistant, fall color
  • Cons: Roots can heave sidewalks, can occasionally, weak branching can break in wind or storms
  • Deciduous
  • Size: 40-50' spread, 50' height
  • Light: Sun
  • Bloom Color: None
  • Fall Color: Yellow, gold
  • Water Needs: Low-Normal
  • Similar Plants: Cedar Elm, Allee Elm

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