Quercus virginiana

Plant Description
Large scale, evergreen shade tree with a wide spreading canopy providing terrific shade for summer months. Grows in a very natural form, usually in a multi-trunk form but can also be found in single trunk varieties. Best uses are shade tree and for visual screening. Drops acorns and sheds leaves in early spring which can be problematic especially around swimming pools. An alternate varieties is 'Cathedral' Live Oak, which grows in single trunk and more upright form.

Plant Details

  • Pros: Large size, great shade, screening
  • Cons: Sheds leaves, drops acorns, messy around pools
  • Evergreen
  • Size: 50' height, 50-60' spread
  • Light: Sun or Shade
  • Bloom Color: None
  • Fall Color: None
  • Water Needs: Low-Normal
  • Similar Plants: Bur Oak, Chinquapin Oak, Savannah Holly (smaller scale)

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