Loropetalum chinense

Plant Description
Also know as Chinese Fringe Flower, Loropetalum is an attractive medium-large size shrub with striking green and maroon foliage with bright pink blooms in the spring. Foliage grows in long strand branching and when left unkept can get rather leggy, but with some light, seasonal pruning can keep a very nice and natural shape. Although not recommended, it can be clipped into a hedge form, but it tends to take away from the natural character of the plant shape.

There are several varieties to consider including 'Petite Pink' (a smaller, dwarf size), 'Purple Pixie' and 'Emerald Snow' with intense white flowers.

Plant Details
Pros: Border, massing, leaf color, blooms
Cons: Leaves can look a bit dirty at certain times of year, needs shaping/pruning
Size: 3-5' high x 5-7' wide
Light: Sun/Light Shade
Bloom Color: Pink
Fall Color: None
Water Needs: Low-Normal
Similar Plants: Photinia, Privet

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