Albizia julibrissin

Plant Description
Deciduous tree with delicate and finely textured leaves and drooping form. Feathery pink blooms during the summer but mostly considered a trash tree that is not used much due to it's short life span and shallow root system, but has a sentimental, southern feel to many. Enjoy them in someone else's yard if you see one and refrain from planting them in yours. Also has 'bean-like' see pod that drops.

Plant Details

  • Pros: Delicate texture, pink blooms
  • Cons: Trash tree, short lived, shallow roots
  • Deciduous
  • Size: 20' height, 20-30' spread
  • Light: Sun
  • Bloom Color: Pink
  • Fall Color: None
  • Water Needs: High
  • Similar Plants: Flameleaf Sumac, Mesquite Tree

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