Nandina domestica

Plant Description
Nandina is durable and attractive evergreen shrub with a delicate leaf texture and striking color in the fall and winter seasons. 

There are several newer varieties to choose from to fit any garden space. A few of our favorite varieties are the 'Obsession', 'Sienna Sunrise' and 'Gulf Stream'. Be sure to select the right variety to best compliment other nearby plants and allow for the plant to grow into it's natural form. 

Nandinas often draw strong reactions from some resulting from experience or memory of plants that have not been properly placed, cared for or have been forcefully pruned. Pruning is not recommended for this plant due to it's branching structure. Nandina domestica is the taller, standard variety that is best used as a background mass. Please avoid the 'Nana' variety which is a stunted, dwarf variety that turns a yellow/lime color and looks unhealthy. 

Plant Details
Pros: Evergreen, color throughout fall & winter, delicate leaf texture
Cons: Can get leggy with poor care or extreme shade
Size: 2-3' wide x 4-5' tall (depending on variety selected)
Light: Sun Shade
Bloom Color: Red, pink, maroon
Fall Color: Red, maroon, pink
Water Needs: Low-Normal

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