Rhapidophyllum hystrix

Plant Description
Needle Palm is a cold-hardy palm for the Dallas area with a lower growing, shrub form palm with striking foliage. Having a short trunk, this lush green palm works best when used as a large shrub in the garden and is versatile as it can be used in full or shady areas.  

The texture of the palm leaves provide an interesting texture in the garden and has almost an architectural feel with the linear leaf shape. You will find these used frequently in modern garden styles. Sometimes referred to as the Porcupine Palm.

Plant Details
Pros: Evergreen, tropical texture, cold hardy, architectural feel
Cons: Slow growing
Size: 8-10' wide x 8-10' tall at maturity
Light: Sun and Shade
Bloom Color: None
Fall Color: None
Water Needs: Low-Normal
Similar Plants: Dwarf Sabal Palm

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