Ilex x 'Nellie R. Stevens'

Plant Description
One of the best and most used evergreen holly shrubs that is terrific for living fences, large hedges and privacy screens. The dense, dark green foliage and branching help make it an ideal plant to use along property lines, fences and borders where visual screening and privacy are needed. 

Nellie R. Stevens holly can grow to over 20' tall in maturity and responds well to pruning and sheering to keep it in a linear hedge or formal shape. 

Plant Details
Pros: Excellent for screen & privacy hedges, evergreen, deep green leave color
Cons: Larger scale shrub so needs occasional pruning
Size: 5-8' wide x 20+ feet tall
Light: Sun Shade
Bloom Color: Small berries
Fall Color: None
Water Needs: Normal
Similar Plants: Needlepoint Holly, Mary Nell Holly

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