Hydrangea quercifolia

Plant Description
Oakleaf Hydrangea is a larger growing variety of Hydrangea with cone-shaped clusters of white flowers that soften to a pink color with age. Named for it's large scale leaves with a similar shape to the leaves of an Oak tree. 

Oakleaf Hydrangea are a good massing plant for a partial shaded garden and provide an interesting rusty red fall color for additional accent. The shrub is deciduous so it is typically paired with some evergreen shrubs for the winter season. 

Like other Hydrangea varieties, it does require a little protection from the hot Texas sun in late afternoon and thrives in moist, acid-rich soil. 

Plant Details
Pros: large leaf texture, white bloom clusterns
Cons: Deciduous, requires some fertilzer
Size: 4-6' wide x 5-6' tall
Light: Partial Sun to Light Shade
Bloom Color: White turning to light pink
Fall Color: Reddish to purple fall color
Water Needs: Normal
Similar Plants: Hydrangea, Aralia

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