Nerium oleander

Plant Description
Oleander is an attractive, evergreen shrub with narrow leaf shape that is prized by gardeners for it's colorful blooms starting in summer and extending to fall. Blooms colors are available in multiple colors including white, pink, red and yellow. Most often seen in the southern Gulf Coast states, Oleander is a fast growing shrub that can reach height of over 8', but is also available in a dwarf variety. One downside is that the plant it is toxic so insure to plant away from children and pets. When placed correctly in the landscape design, it can make a wonderful addition to your garden.

Plant Details
Pros: Colorful summer blooms, evergreen, drought tolerant
Cons: Can be damaged in severe winters, eating the leaves is toxic
Size: 8-10' ht x 6-8' wide (dwarf sizes available)
Light: Sun
Bloom Color: White, Red, Pink, Yellow
Fall Color: None
Water Needs: Low (Drought Tolerant)
Similar Plants: Podocarpus, Dwarf. Crape Myrtle

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