Quercus shumardi

Plant Description
Stately, large scale deciduous shade tree with fall color ranging from brown to a deep red. 'Shumard Oak' is the better variety to select. (Avoid Pin Oaks which tend to look a bit chlorotic). A downside is that it does drop acorns and tassels in the spring, but provides wonderful shade during those warm summer months. Does not like wet conditions and some difficulties when transplanted.

Plant Details

  • Pros: Large scale, shade, fall color
  • Cons: Deciduous, sensitive to transplant, drops tassels in spring
  • Deciduous
  • Size: +75'  Spread: 60-70'
  • Light: Sun
  • Bloom Color: None
  • Fall Color: Red, yellow, brown
  • Water Needs: Low-Normal
  • Similar Plants: Sawtooth Oak, Bur Oak, Chinquapin Oak

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