Viburnum spp.

Plant Description
Viburnum is an attractive shrub with a variety of different bloom options with varieties that is available in both deciduous and evergreen forms. Chinese Snowball Viburnum is one of the most popular varieties with it's spectacular, large white flower blooms in the spring that makes a terrific specimen in the garden. Spring Bouquet Viburnum 'Compacta' is a smaller version with clusters of white, fragrant flowers. Chindo Sweet Viburnum is another good option with a variety with rounded, lustrous leaves that also provides white, spring blooms and has heavy clusters of berries that turn black in the fall and create a nice contrast to the fall color. Viburnums are great looking shrubs that should definitely be used more in the garden. 

Plant Details
Pros: Both evergreen and deciduous, white blooms, fragrant, good hedge plant, garden specimen
Cons: Could require a bit more watering during hottest months
Deciduous  & Evergreen
Size: 4-8' ht. X 6-8' tall
Light: Sun - Partial Shade
Bloom Color: White, Light Pink
Fall Color: Reddish to purple, black fruit
Water Needs: Normal
Similar Plants: Photinia, Sprirea

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