Salix babylonica

Plant Description
Whispy, drooping shaped deciduous tree with hanging branches and leaves that are slender and move freely in the breeze. Often found near lakes and ponds due to their high water needs. The tree doesn't have a long life span with it's brittle wood that suffers frequent breaks, but still is an attractive tree. There is a beautiful example of these located at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas along side the garden fountains that will make you want to have one in your garden. 

Plant Details

  • Pros: Soft texture, weeping form, moves in the breeze
  • Cons: Deciduous, brittle wood, diseases
  • Deciduous
  • Size: 35-40' height, 25-30' spread
  • Light: Sun
  • Bloom Color: None
  • Fall Color: Yellow
  • Water Needs: High
  • Similar Plants: Desert Willow, Chitalpa

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