Ilex vomitoria

Plant Description
It is a small, evergreen tree typically found in a multi-trunk form. The tree grows to a height ranging between 12-25' in height at maturity and is often used for its durability in the landscape. It is drought tolerant and handles a wide variety of soils. The leaves are small and rounded with a slight sawtooth edge. The leaf color are a dark green and the tree has a moderate growth rate. 

It grows in a crowned form and tends to spread as it grows. With it's multi-trunk form it can get a little busy at the base and may need to be pruned periodically to keep it's best form. The female form also has red berries that are fairly attractive. Sky Pencil Holly (Ilex Crenata 'Sky Pencil') is a unique, upright form of the Yaupon Holly with vertical branching that makes a great fit for tight spaces.

Plant Details
Pros: Ornamental tree, evergreen, durable, drought tolerant, red berries
Cons: Multi-trunk, overused a bit
Size: 12-25' height, 15-20' spread
Light: Sun or Shade
Bloom Color: None
Fall Color: Red berries in winter on female plants
Water Needs: Low-Normal
Similar Plants: 'Forest Pansy' Redbud, Deciduous Holly

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