Cercis Canadensis 'Forest Pansy'

Plant Description
'Forest Pansy' Redbud It is a small scale, deciduous ornamental tree that provides attractive spring color. Similar aspects such as size, leaf shape and bloom color to the Oklahoma Redbud, the Forest Pansy variety distinguishes itself with deep maroon and purple leaves.  It has a crown shape canopy and bright pink flowers that bloom in clusters in early spring. The fruits are pod like shaped, lengthening around 1 to 3 inches. During fall the leaves appear yellow in color. It has height ranging from 15 to 20 ft. and spread ranging from 15 to 25 ft.

Forest Pansy redbud can be tolerant to sand, clay, acid and drought. It is an excellent choice for lawns and woodland gardens and most often found and used as an understory tree in residential gardens. It has irregular growth habit at younger stage but acquires a graceful form as it gets older. It branches low on the trunk.

Plant Details
Pros: Attractive leaf color, spring blooms, understory tree
Cons: Somewhat irregular form
Size: 15-20' height, 15-25' spread
Light: Partial Sun/Shade
Bloom Color: bright pink
Fall Color: Yellow
Water Needs: Low-Normal
Similar Plants: Oklahoma Redbud, Dogwod, Purple Leaf Plum

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